Tankclean Sweden AB Kvarntorp

Contact Details
Address: Mexivägen 2
Postal Code: 692 75
City: Kumla
Phone Number: +46(0)19-577170
E-mail: kvarntorp@tankclean.se
Website: Go to website
Contact Person: candersson@tankclean.se Phone:+46313000158
VAT Number: 9999999999
ECD: Yes
Foodstuff: No
Dedicated Foodstuff: No
SQAS Valid until: 2022
ISO 9000 until: no
ISO 14000 until: no
ISO 22000 until:
Chemicals: Yes
IBC: Yes
Railtank Cleaning: No
Number of Bays: 2
Maximum Water Temperature: 85 ℃
Maximum Spinner Temperature:
Maximum Spinner Pressure: 120 bar
Maximum Pressure (manual): 150 bar
Maximum Water Temperature: 85 ℃
Hot Water Heating: No
Electrical Heating: No
Repair Shop: No
Periodic Testing: No
Empty Storage: No
Loaded Storage: No
Trucking Possibility: No
Facilities for Drivers: Yes